I need help with one of my models, what should I do?

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I need help with one of my models, what should I do?


I need help with one of my models, I have an issue in one of my models, I have a question about one of my models. What should I do?


We are here to help! Below is a suggested workflow to follow, for when such questions arise.

Check Tekla User Assistance

Tekla User Assistance (TUA) contains product-specific support material to assist with frequently asked questions and common issues. Our TUA service contains product documentation, articles with step-by-step instructions, workflow guidance, and tutorials. TUA is a resource that is available to you 24/7 and is included with your subscription. Go to https://support.tekla.com/ and select Tekla Structural Designer to get started.

You are able to search by keyword in TUA, and can apply additional filters for version, environment, and content type, to further narrow your results. If you are looking to browse by topic, we recommend using the Product Guide for the specific version of TSD you are working in.

Contact your Local Support Team

There are three methods to contact Tekla Support:

  1. Via the Support Tool. Please see the related article, Contact Tekla Support via the Support tool. You will need to be logged in using your Trimble Identity to use this tool. This is the most direct method and will package the active model along with any additional details you provide. 
  2. Via phone or email. You will need to first browse for your local support team using the related article, Browse for local support. Next, use the listed contact details to get in touch with Support.
  3. Via our Contact form

What information to include in your request

Using any of the methods above will submit a support request to our team. Your local support team will reply as soon as possible. We may ask you for additional information, so that we can provide you with a prompt and useful resolution for your concern. You may also include this information in your initial request to give us a head start. Details we may request include:

  • The command, from the Analyze or Design tab, that you are running to obtain the result you are querying. For example, Design Steel (Static) vs Design Steel (Gravity) vs 1st Order Linear Analysis are three distinct commands and it helps us to know which of these you are using.
  • If you are looking at the results for specific load cases or combinations, the name(s) or number(s) for these.
  • If the result is related to the behavior or design of specific entities in the model, the entity reference. Most entities in TSD have a unique reference which you can see in the tooltip window and at the top of the properties window -- this field can be selected and copied/pasted.
  • Relevant screenshots or markups. 
  • If the issue is model-specific, your TSD model. The Support Tool will by default include your model with your request. Otherwise, files can be stripped down to the model core so that you can include your .tsmd file as an email attachment. From the file menu select “Save Model Only” to significantly reduce the file size.

Putting this all together, here is an example request which we can be certain of the issue you are querying and get started with investigating and providing a resolution: 

“In the attached model, I have run Analyze All and for slab item SI 1 for load combination 3 I am seeing Mdx(top) of 131.6 kip-ft where it connects to support SUP A/1…”

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